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The “Why” Story

My fondness for the kitchen traces back to my childhood, where I observed my grandmother graciously serving others. Her hospitality extended beyond family, always making room for friends who dropped by unexpectedly. As a young girl, I eagerly played the role of the coffee server, rushing to replenish cups alongside warm slices of pound cake. This early exposure instilled in me a deep love for serving others through food.

In 2008, amidst considerable challenges, I faced a pivotal moment. Struggling with various health issues, a doctor's visit revealed yet another obstacle: a gluten allergy. Determined to navigate this new dietary landscape, I embarked on a journey to rediscover the joy of baking and to extend love and support to others facing similar food challenges. This journey commenced with volunteering at a local gluten-free bakery, eventually transitioning from employment to ownership. Despite the closure of the bakery, my passion endured.

I persisted in sharing my culinary expertise through home baking, food consulting, and personalized cooking classes. However, it was during a stint as a chef and kitchen manager that I received a gentle nudge from a higher power, reminding me of my mission: to empower individuals like myself to thrive gluten-free.

Thus, my mission underwent a profound redefinition. It's not merely about culinary pursuits; it's about fostering a community of resilience, support, and flourishing for those navigating the complexities of a gluten-free lifestyle.



Phyllis Bell, Owner

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