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The “Why” Story

I have always loved being in the Kitchen.  It started as a child watching my grandmother, serve others.  There was always extra for the friends and family that would come by, and I was the coffee girl that raced to fill a cup after a slice of warm pound cake. I love serving others! No matter the menu, it’s the “Love in the Food” that brings friendship and community to the table. 

2008 brought extremely challenging times.  I was struggling with multiple health issues and my doctor’s visit left me with yet another upheaval in my life. I was allergic to multiple things including Gluten.  I decided that I would re-learn how to bake the things I enjoyed and ‘Love’ on others with food challenges like mine, helping them to Live and Thrive Gluten-Free. The journey began when I first volunteered at a local Gluten Free Bakery; that assignment led from a job, to ownership of the Bakery. The doors closed but the passion never left.  I continued with Home Baking, Food Consulting, and Personalized Cooking Classes, followed by a Chef & Kitchen Manager job until God reminded me of my mission; To help those like me… THRIVE, GLUTEN FREE!

Mission… Redefined!


Phyllis Bell, Owner

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